Why should we use technologies for printing industry?

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February 24, 2018
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Why should we use technologies for printing industry?

We live in a digital world but still this communication is used to capture many hearts. It has major part in marketing mix and it will help to know about the current trends. In other case digital and printed complement each other but it is should not be replaced by one other. By the way competitive and profits are both includes for small and large print business, those who are in this industry are updating their sector to meet demands for their business. Some recent

How marketing involves?

Marketing has possessing major role and the biggest and only marketing for printing industry is advertising such as newspaper inserts, direct mail marketing, magazines, and product catalogs and so on. Here commercial printing is considering as a local market. Quality and time is considering as primary and the price is secondary. Marketing is usually done on potential customers via traditional sales force calling.


Mass communication

Mass customization this sector is moving forward for an audience of one and they will make use of variable data and be conscious on binding selection it is the key to mass customization.

New technologies

The entire printing process can able to handle by using digital technology. New process will make film from digital without using camera.

Low cost

The one advantage is in both digital and convention al offset printings are at very low cost per page for new printers.

Why technology is essential?

Usually more than five colours include in printing but some presses can print eight colours. Primarily used is digital which will be used in speciality application. Here the main and high in expenses is manufacturing paper which has acquiring 25% of revenues. Even some customers would give their paper.

Technological innovation

This industry can not able to switch over as digital process overnight but they can integrate both digital and offset processes which will allows user can able to send images to electronic plates.

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